Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Smart Home Security System

Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Smart Home Security System

April 4, 2019

The security of your family and your home is probably the highest priority in your life, and as technology advances, there are many more options for protecting what’s important to you. Though options are great, they often bring even more confusion and make the field harder to navigate. One of the biggest innovations over the past decade has been the introduction of smart home technology into our everyday lives. Smart homes are homes that allow features like lighting, the thermostat or appliances to be accessible from nearly anywhere with an internet connection. Add security to the mix, and you can control almost anything with this new technology.

If you’re in the market for smart home systems in Tucson, AZ, read on for a few key questions you should ask while deciding what system would work best for your needs:

  • What levels of protection does the system offer? Some will give you a simple basic protection, like an alarm that goes off if someone physically breaks in. Others will provide more advanced video monitoring, allowing you to see the grounds and interior remotely. And a complete home automation system would include a range of features like motion sensors, security cameras, smart doorbells and more.
  • How is the system controlled? In today’s world, most people want the convenience of a system that’s easily controlled by an app on the phone or by a smart assistant like Alexa or Siri. Make sure to inquire how controls work to make sure you’re comfortable using the technology you’re investing in.
  • Is the system self-monitored or professionally monitored? A professionally monitored system means that you have 24/7 protection against any threats, and that the local authorities are contacted if there are any problems. This can ease your mind and prevent you from spending the time monitoring your cameras, but it may also cost a pretty penny.
  • Can the security system move with me? Most people don’t think this far in advance, but if you spend a bunch of money installing a system, it’s good to ask whether that can move with you for free or whether it involves a fee to move it to the new space.
  • What is the price and the warranty? Of course, everyone works within a budget. Family safety is important, so you might want to spend more when it comes to a system to ensure that it’s reliable and is there when you most need it. However, the best systems can be extremely costly, both in terms of the system itself and any monthly charges associated with monitoring. On top of this, make sure you’re clear what exactly the warranty covers and for how long.

There are more questions to ask while shopping for a home security system in Tucson, AZ, but these basic ones are a great place to start. If you’re hoping to better protect your family, you need a trusted company to help you with your security system. Look no further than Gadget Geeks! Our exceptional staff can help you with any home automation or security needs. Call now for more information!

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