When and How Often Should You Reinstall an Operating System?

When and How Often Should You Reinstall an Operating System?

March 21, 2019

Most of us rely on our laptops or tablets for so many things that they have become integral to our everyday lives. And since so many are generally reliable, we often don’t think about caring for them until an app or program starts to slow down or act strangely. One question that comes up when things start working poorly or slowly is whether you should reinstall your operating system (OS) to fix the problem.

Before you seek out computer repair in Tucson, AZ, you might want to reinstall your operating system. To decide, check out the following ways a reinstall might help out your computer performance:

  • Say goodbye to malware: It’s incredibly easy to pick up malware or other viruses while cruising the internet, and a great benefit of an OS reinstall is that it will wipe out a lot of these programs. You might not consider this if you have an anti-malware or anti-virus software installed on your system, but keep in mind that these programs cannot prevent every single damaging program from getting in. If you suspect that you have some issues with malware or viruses, then it’s a great idea to at least try to reinstall your OS.
  • Cut out any extra “junk” programs or files: Viruses are bad, certainly, but another problem people face with their computers is the installation of junk files or programs. These are installed into your hard drive by Windows or other programs to complete different tasks. The problem is, they sit around after they’re no longer used, and take up space from your drive. This causes your computer to slow down. An OS reinstall will not get rid of all junk programs, as some are installed on your computer with the OS itself. However, it will remove any added programs that have piled up over the years and taken away from your disk space.
  • Embrace higher speeds: Clearing out the problems above should have a positive impact on your computer’s speed. A cleaner disk allows for a faster OS, and it should feel like your computer is new again when you reinstall. Importantly, if an OS reinstall doesn’t improve your computer’s speed, then it will at least give you more information about what the problem actually is. Perhaps the slower speeds are actually related to the way you’ve increased the functionality of your computer, which might mean you just need to upgrade your system to better handle your work and leisure activities.

If you need to do an OS reinstall or a more intense check on your computer’s functioning, it’s time to find experts in computer services in Tucson, AZ. The best staff around is at Gadget Geeks, and we’re happy to help you in our store or in the comfort of your home.

On top of general computer repair, Gadget Geeks also offers cell phone repair, device protection plans and remote computer access. Our leading experts are ready to help you with all your technological needs. Call today for more information on our services!

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