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Thinking about improving your everyday living experience with smart home systems in Tucson, AZ? Gadget Geeks can help! We’re extremely familiar with a host of different connected devices and are experts in networking them together into the ultimate smart home experience. Our capabilities include:

  • Smart home automation
  • Video doorbell installation
  • Smart thermostat installation and setup
  • Smart device setup
  • Smart hub setup
  • Smart speaker setup

We work hard to personalize your home automation experience, helping you choose the right device and syncing everything together to put total home control right at your fingertips. Check out some of the devices we’re experienced in setting up below.

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  • Thermostat

    Want to save money on your energy bills and enjoy the best possible level of comfort in your home? Invest in a smart thermostat! We can install, program and connect some of the top brands available today, including:

    • Nest Learning Thermostat
    • Honeywell Thermostat
    • ecobee Thermostat
    • Sensi Smart Thermostat
  • Voice Devices/Hubs

    You never knew you needed a smart assistant until you have one installed in your home! We’re up-to-speed on all of the smart home assistants and can help you configure them to meet your every beck and call.

    • Amazon Echo family
    • Google Home
    • Samsung SmartThings Smart Home Hub
    • Wink Hub
  • Universal Remote

    Tired of having tons of remotes laying around? We can help you combine them all into a single smart controller. Let us put the power at your fingertips, so you can simplify the controls throughout your home.

    • Caavo Control Center Universal Remote
    • Ring Stick Up Cam
    • Ring Spotlight Cam
  • Lighting

    Want your lights dimmed at the press of a button or automated to adjust based on your preferences? It’s possible with smart lighting! We can install smart lighting in any room of your home, helping you harness the power of technology to meet your comfort expectations.

    • Philips Hue
  • Locks/Doorbells

    Security is a top concern for homeowners. With smart locks and visual doorbells, we’ll help you make sure you’re always protected and safe. Let us install these features to give you peace of mind like never before.

    • August Smart Lock
    • Ring Doorbell
  • Nursery

    Keeping tabs on your newborn or toddler is easier than ever in a smart home. We’ll introduce you to sensors and monitors that assist you in making sure your little bundle of joy is always properly cared for.

    • Smart Nursery
    • iBaby Monitor
    • Angelcare Baby Monitor
    • Babysense Baby Monitor
  • Smart Plug

    With smart plugs, everything in your home has the potential to become a connected device! We’ll help you configure smart plugs and the devices attached to them, so you have total control over your home living experience.

    • TP-Link Smart Plug
    • Wemo Smart Plug
  • Smoke Alarm

    Today’s smart smoke detectors are better at detecting threats, easier to use and totally connected to your smart home system. Count on us to install, configure and network your smoke alarm into a robust home defense network.

    • Nest Protect
  • Speakers

    Ready to get the soothing tunes of your favorite music on-demand in your home? We’re able to install and configure smart speakers throughout your home or just in the rooms where you want them, synced up with your music library so your jams are always just a click away.

    • Sonos Play
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Automate Your Home

Is your home ready for the future? If you’re outfitting it with smart lighting, a learning thermostat or an intelligent assistant, Gadget Geeks will help make sure the integration goes smoothly.

Reach us today at 520-461-5515 for more information about setting up your very own home automation ecosystem.

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